TLE Claim

The Matachewan First Nation has a historic claim that has been accepted by Canada and Ontario for negotiations. The Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Claim concerns the size of the reserve and how big it ought to have been when our ancestors signed the James Bay Treaty (Treaty 9) in 1906.

Matachewan First Nation maintains a newsletter to keep members informed on the progress of the TLE Claim and to notify the community on upcoming meetings.

Click on the links below to download the lastest as well as past issues of the TLE Claim newsletter. A detailed map of the TLE Claim is also available.

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matachewan_TLE-mapmatachewan_TLE-map TLE Newsletter #6 – March 2016TLE # 6 - March 2016
TLE Newsletter #5 – June 2015TLE # 5 - June 2015 TLE Newsletter #4 – December 2014TLE # 4 - December 2014
TLE Newsletter #3 – April 2014TLE # 3 - April 2014 TLE Newsletter #2TLE # 2
TLE Newsletter #1TLE # 1