Mining / Lands & Resources

Young Davidson Mine Ground Breaking September 2010

Dignitaries breaking ground for the Young Davidson Mine in September 2010.

Matachewan First Nation is situated in the historic mining area of northeastern Ontario.  The community has been affected by over a hundred years of development on its traditional lands.  In the past two decades, First Nation leadership has taken a more active role in resource development issues.

The rising price of precious metals in the past decade, has generated more mining and mineral exploration activity in northern Ontario. Much of this new development is taking place on Aboriginal territory. Due to Ontario First Nation demands for inclusion in resource development on tradition territories, government regulation now requires companies to consult with Aboriginal communities before any development is started. This means that communities like Matachewan FN, which is located in the heart of Ontario’s historic mining areas, has become actively involved in many mining developments.

Matachewan First Nation leadership is currently negotiating major resource development agreements and smaller projects with exploration and junior mining companies.

Mineral Development Advisor

Kayla Schram
Mineral Development Advisor

Kayla Schram joined Matachewan First Nation staff, May 10, 2016 as Mineral Development Advisor (MDA). As an MDA she is involved in dealing with all mineral exploration activities on Matachewan First Nation lands. She is in charge of identifying any mining developments on the land and that mostly starts with resource based companies claim staking in the area.

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Lands And Resources

Cathy Yandeau
Lands and Resources

Matachewan First Nation manages a Lands and Resources department to oversee projects related to resource development issues.  This department is managed by Cathy Yandeau, Lands and Resources Coordinator. She is responsible for managing and coordinating activity related to resource development issues and projects for Matachewan FN. Yandeau started her current position in the summer of 2012.


Matachewan First Nation is involved in forestry management issues with government organizations and with industry.

As of 2012, the First Nation wants to inform its membership that the Annual Work Schedules for forestry areas in northern Ontario are currently available for viewing.   These forestry areas include Timiskaming, Abitibi River, Sudbury Forest and Temagami Crown Forest

These Annual Work Schedules can be viewed by visiting the Ministry of Natural Resources website at:

Member looking for updates on Treaty Land Entitlement or if they have any questions or concerns regarding Lands or Resources / Forestry issues can contact Cathy Yandeau

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AuRico Gold – Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA)

Micheline Dube
Micheline Dube
Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA) Coordinator

Matachewan FN is currently involved in an Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA) with AuRico Gold (formerly Northgate Minerals) concerning the Young Davidson mine. The IBA is being monitored by Micheline Dube, IBA Coordinator under the management and guidance of an IBA committee for Matachewan FN.

The partnership and IBA with AuRico Gold has allowed Matachewan FN to establish the community’s first major business venture in mining. This has resulted in the Ednysian Camp & Logistics, a mining camp accommodation service, in partnership with Morris Modular Space Ltd.

Community members can contact Micheline Dube if they have any questions or concerns regarding the Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA).  Micheline can be contacted at the First Nation administration office at:

705-565-2230 Ext 227