Chief and Council

Alex Batisse

Chief Alex ‘Sonny’ Batisse

Chief Alex ‘Sonny’ Batisse has been involved with local leadership for many years.

This will be his second consecutive term as Chief since 2015. Previously, he was with Council as Chief of the community from 2009 to 2011. He has also served as First Nation Councillor and he has held the position of First Nation Band Manager for the community.

Chief Batisse has worked in the mining and industrial sectors in numerous positions. As a certified Health and Safety Officer he worked in positions in western Canada.

Councillor Lilianne Jobson

Councillor Liliane (Lulu) Jobson has been elected to her first term as First Nation Councillor for Matachewan First Nation.

“I want to thank everyone that voted for me and to the community for their support. I look forward to working with our First Nation leadership and our administration in building a more productive and accountable organization for our people,” said Councillor Jobson.

Currently, the First Nation is working towards further developing its organization and in creating more policies and procedures to guide administrative staff.

“Developing our organization creates less confusion for all of us and it allows us to better communicate what needs to be done for our community,” said Councillor Jobson.

The daughter of Elder George Jobson, Councillor Jobson has three daughters Leahan Parrott, Jennifer Landry and Kayla Landry and a four year old grand daughter Charlie.

 jason batisse 3x4

Councillor Jason Batisse

Councillor Jason Batisse has been elected to his second two year term as First Nation Councillor. He has worked as an underground miner and has always been supportive of community events.

Councillor Batisse is looking forward to another term on council and is grateful for the support he has received from the community.

“I am happy to be serving my community and I look forward to working with everyone for another term on council. I want to thank everyone who put their faith in me and I hope to do my best in representing our community,” said Batisse.

He has a positive outlook for his community’s future and wants to promote and acknowledge local youth with their efforts in education and their participation in cultural and language programs in the community.

He and his wife Samantha have two children Anthony and Sky.

Jean Lemieux

Councillor Jean Lemieux

Councillor Jean Lemieux has been elected to another two year term as First Nation Councillor. She also holds the position of Wabun Health Director for Wabun Tribal Council.

“I want to thank our membership for their participation in our election and in supporting our Chief and Council,” said Councillor Lemieux.

A major development she hopes to see soon established is the Matachewan First Nation Trust, an organization that would hold and manage the resources and revenue that are being generated by the First Nation through various partnerships and agreements.

“We need to establish this trust so that we can manage our First Nation revenue and support our community for the long term with the goal of self sustainability,” said Councillor Lemieux.

The First Nation is currently in process of establishing a selection committee that would hire Trust Committee members. These individuals would then receive training and assistance to help them in managing the First Nation Trust. Community information sessions are planned and First Nation members will be kept informed on the progress of this development.

She and her husband Jacques have three daughters Tusha Lee, Monique and Jennifer and six grand children


Councillor Stan Fox

Councillor Stan Fox has been elected to his first term as First Nation Councillor for Matachewan First Nation.

“I want to thank the membership who voted me to my first time on council and I want to congratulate the other leaders who were elected. I look forward to working with everyone to build our community and bring our people together,” said Councillor Fox.

He is an Underground Miner with Kirkland Lake Gold at the Holt Mine. At 55 years of age, he is a career miner with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry. He gained his interest in the mining industry from his father Philip Fox and his grandfather Thomas Fox, one of the signatories of the Treaty 9 document in Matachewan First Nation in 1906.

Councillor Fox’s family includes his siblings Jenny, Philip, Chrissy, Trevor, Doreen and Tom. He lives with his wife Valerie in Kirkland Lake.


Councillor Barney Batise

Councillor and Elder Barney Batise has joined Matachewan First Nation leadership for a two year term. Councillor Batise is a former Chief of Matachewan FN and over the years, he has served his community in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Batise is a founding member of Wabun Tribal Council in 1990 representing Matachewan First Nation. He is a recognized Elder and political leader in the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation (NAN) organization and territory.

He is supportive of resource development that creates benefits for his community but with the balance of maintaining cultural practices and in protecting the environment.

“Our people’s participation in economic development is important but we also have to remember to preserve our cultural past. We have to look beyond and keep in mind future generations to come,” commented Councillor Batise in an interview in the past.

Councillor Batise and his wife Doreen spend as much time as possible with their children Shawn, Jason, Fabian and Sherry Wiestche, as well as their grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Councillor Adrian Boucher

Councillor Adrian Boucher has been elected to his first term as First Nation Councillor for Matachewan First Nation.

“I am grateful to our community members for their support and encouragement. I want to see our community grow and build on all the good work our people have done. I hope to do my best to represent our people and I look forward to working with our leadership,” said Councillor Boucher.

Originally involved in the construction and building industry, Councillor Boucher helped to build many of the homes in Matachewan First Nation.

His brothers Real and Leonil were previous Councillors for the community and their mother Elder Marie Boucher is recognized for promoting and supporting Aboriginal culture and heritage. At 57 years of age, Councillor Adrian Boucher is married to Ann and they have two sons Brady and Michael and grandchildren Bailey, Pheonix, Landon and Halem.