Chief and Council

Alex Batisse

Chief Alex ‘Sonny’ Batisse

Chief Alex ‘Sonny’ Batisse has been involved with local leadership for several years.

Before his recent election, he was with Council as Chief of the community from 2009 to 2011 and he has also served as First Nation Councillor. He has also held the title First Nation Band Manager for the community.

Chief Batisse has worked in the mining and industrial sectors in numerous positions. As a certified Health and Safety Officer he worked in positions in western Canada.

Elenore Hendrix

Councillor Elenore Hendrix

Elenore Hendrix, after serving the past term as Chief of Matachewan First Nation, has been elected to Council. She has served the community as Chief and Council member on many occasions in the past.

“I enjoyed having the privilege of working for my community as Chief for the past few years and I am happy to be able to now sit on Council and provide my assistance to the new Chief and other Council members in making Matachewan First Nation better than ever,” commented Councillor Hendrix.

As a Councillor, Hendrix brings her vast experience in working with Chief and Council to the position as well as her knowledge in working in the education system over the years.

 jason batisse 3x4

Councillor Jason Batisse

Jason Batisse was recently elected for the first time ever as Councillor for Matachewan First Nation. He is an underground miner who is currently employed at the Young Davidson mine with Aurico Gold in the town of Matachewan.

He explained that he is grateful to have the opportunity to serve his community as a Councillor.

Jason Batisse has a positive outlook for his community’s future and wants to promote and acknowledge local youth with their efforts in education and their participation in cultural and language programs in the community.

Jean Lemieux

Councillor Jean Lemieux

Councillor Jean Lemieux was elected to her first term on Council in March 2011.

In addition to First Nation Councillor, she also holds the position of Health Director for Wabun Health Services, which is part of Wabun Tribal Council.  She has worked in First Nation administration with Wabun Tribal Council since 1991 initially in finance and later as Health Director.  She is active in developing support programs for First Nation youth, Elders and community members for her home community of Matachewan First Nation and for the member communities of the Wabun Tribal Council.

 Lionel Boucher 3x4

Councillor Leonil Boucher

Councillor Lionel Boucher has been with Chief and Council for several terms as Councillor over the past 20 years. With his re election to Matachewan First Nation Council once again he is looking forward to serving his community.

Councillor Boucher is hoping to address the issue of a need for more housing in the community. He also wants to see more job opportunities for community members.

He is also hopeful that young people can become more involved and connected to what is happening in their First Nation, as they will eventually take on the leadership roles in the community.

He has been the community’s medical driver for the past 25 years.

 micheline dube 3x4

Councillor Micheline Dube

Councillor Micheline Dube was elected to her first term on council during the recent elections in Matachewan First Nation.

Councillor Dube feels that it is important to stay connected to her cultural heritage and she hopes that other young people can maintain that connection. She is supportive of projects aimed at promoting and sharing culture, traditions and language.

Since January 2012, she has been the Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA) Coordinator for Matachewan First Nation concerning the Young Davidson mine run by Aurico Gold in Matachewan.


Councillor Real Boucher

Councillor Real Boucher was recently re-elected to Matachewan First Nation Council for a second consecutive term. During his last term, he was responsible for the Community Wellness Portfolio. Boucher, who is 49 years of age, is a well known leader in the community who had served on Council in a previous term 13 years ago.

He wants to see more community infrastructure developed including a firehall for the First Nation. Boucher explained that more local services are essential as the First Nation grows and expands.

He is an underground miner who has worked for the Young Davidson mine in Matachewan since it was started 13 years ago.