Matachewan First Nation manages an Education Department headed by Kalene Cormier, Education Officer. She is responsible for managing and overseeing the post secondary program for First Nation students.

If any post secondary students who are Matachewan First Nation members are interested in applying for a college or university program and they would like to receive support, they can contact Kalene at the First Nation Administration office. They can talk to or meet with Kalene to discuss education issues and ask to complete an application.

Kalene Cormier can be contacted by calling toll free number at

1-866-781-4189 ext. 225
705-565-2230, ext. 225

Email at:

Student Transportation

A dedicated Bus Driver operates a community bus service for local students in Matachewan First Nation.

The First Nation does not have educational facilities for local students in the community. Students living in Matachewan First Nation are instead bused to area elementary and secondary schools to complete their education.