Band Representative and Jordan’s Principle

The Philosophy of Matachewan First Nation Band Representative Services is founded on the recognition of the importance of the First Nations family system and the potential of the many traditional beliefs, strengths and resources within our community to effect change in the quality and scope of our supportive children and family services.

In the context of services to children and families, in our culture children are special gifts, a sacred loan from the Creator to their parents, to their family and to our community. Our children are sacred and the responsibility for the care, protection and nurturing of our children extends to all Matachewan First Nations members wherever they are located.

Band Representative

Chelsea Daley is Matachewan First Nation’s Band Representative. The Band representative program provides support and advocacy to community members on and off reserve when child welfare agencies are involved with the family. We provide supports with home visits, office visits and court attendance. With Protocols and Agreements in place, Matachewan First Nation Band Representative program will be notified prior to any child welfare agency entering the First Nation.

  • It is your right to have a Band Representative present if any child welfare agency requests a visit with you and your family, whether you live on or off Matachewan First Nation.
  • It is also your right to refuse a visit until your Band Representative is present.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 705-565-2230 ext. 232

Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator

Hayden Doherty-FoxHaydan Doherty-Fox is the Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator for Matachewan First Nation. She is responsible for ensuring that Matachewan First Nation youth receive equitable access to essential services. She works closely with families to navigate complex systems and address barriers to accessing necessary supports in healthcare, education, social services and other resources.

Community members who would like to contact Haydan Doherty-Fox for assistance with Jordan’s Principle applications can do so at

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 705-565-2230 ext. 228
Cell: 705-676-5348