Matachewan First Nation manages several health care programs for its First Nation members in the community.  The First Nation works with Wabun Health Services, part of the Wabun Tribal Council to deliver these services for the community.

Community Health Representative

Sue Collins
Susan Collins
Community Health Representative

Susan Collins is the Community Health Representative (CHR) for Matachewan First Nation.  Her main objective is to administer a Health Services Program that enhances the well-being of community members living on the First Nation. As CHR, she works closely with Cindy Giguere, Community Health Nurse (CHN) who is employed by Wabun Tribal Council to service Matachewan First Nation.

Collins and Giguere develop and offer health Prevention Activities aimed at helping community member become healthier and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The support, education and activities they provide focus on proper nutrition/healthy diets, physical activity, diabetes, smoking, human sexuality, teaching around common illnesses, awareness concerning over the counter drugs and teachings that promote mental, physical and emotional well-being.

If community members have any questions or need to get in touch with Susan Collins, they can contact her by:

705-565-2230, ext. 230


Community Health Nurse

Cindy Giguere
Cindy Giguere
Community Health Nurse

Wabun Health provides a Community Health Nursing Program for each of its six member communities.  Matachewan First Nation is one of these communities and hosts a Community Health Nurse (CHN) who is based in the community.  Cindy Giguere is the Community Health Nurse for Matachewan First Nation.

The Community Health Nursing Program deals with areas in health promotion, prevention, immunization, communicable disease control, health teaching, home visits, community visits, prenatal and post natal teaching, well baby clinics, school health, adult health, chronic disease and long term care.

For more information about the Community Health Nursing program or about Wabun Health visit the Wabun Tribal Council website at:

National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP)

Elaine Daley
Elaine Daley

The National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) is a Health Canada program that is largely controlled by First Nations communities and organizations. Since its origins in the 1970s, the program’s goal has been to help First Nations and Inuit communities set up and operate programs aimed at reducing high levels of alcohol, drug, and solvent abuse among on-reserve populations.

Elaine Daley is the NNADAP Worker in Matachewan First Nation.  She works closely with the Health Department staff to develop, create and support workshops, education and events to promote healthier and sober lifestyles.

Community members who would like to contact Elaine Daley can do so at the First Nation administration office at:

705-565-2230 ext 228


For more information on the NNADAP initiative, you can visit the Health Canada website at:

or the main Health Canada website at:

Cultural Programs

Jeanette Gilbert
Jeanette Gilbert
Traditional Coordinator

The Traditional Coordinator is Jeanette Gilbert.  She works closely with Elaine Daley, NNADAP Worker and the Health Care staff to develop programs and activities for youth that will support increased physical activity, youth leadership skills and encourage positive cultural identity.

Matachewan First Nation created a Traditional Coordinator position in the fall of 2011 to have an individual in place that could coordinate and implement cultural and tradition based activities for youth in the community.

Jeanette is also working closely with community Elders in developing workshops and activities that will expose local youth to traditional pursuits such as fishing, trapping and traditional gathering.  She works with health care staff in providing educational workshops for youth to address issues such as substance and alcohol abuse and promote mental well being and healthy lifestyles.