Operational Departments


Band Manager

The Band Manager for Matachewan First Nation administration/management is in charge of general operations for the administrative arm of the community. The Band Manager takes direction from Chief and Council and oversees a staff with many departments.

In performing the duties as Band Manager in administrating the services for Matachewan First Nation, on and off reserve members benefit from the many programs and services produced by administration staff who are also supported by Wabun Tribal Council in areas of executive support, program expertise and coordination and representation in government and the private sector. Matachewan First Nation is part of the Wabun Tribal Council family of First Nations in Northeastern Ontario.


The Matachewan First Nation Finance office is headed by the Finance Officer, who is responsible for management and organization of Matachewan First Nation finances.

The Finance office works under the direction and guidance of the Chief and Council.

If anyone would like a copy of the Audited Statements for Matachewan First Nation, they are asked to contact the Finance Officer.

705-565-2230, ext 233
1-866-781-4189 ext 233

[email protected]

Reception and Indian Registration

Delta Flood, Receptionist is the first contact for community members or visitors who require assistance to finding the appropriate contacts and information.

The Indian Registration department of Matachewan First Nation manages and maintains an up to date list of First Nation membership.  The First Nation administration office is also available to assist community members with any questions or concerns they may have concerning Indian Status, as well as provide up to the date information issues related to Indian Status.

Community members can contact Delta with any questions or concerns regarding Indian Registration during regular office hours.

For more information and links to commonly used form, please visit:

Relevant Registration Information And Forms For Members

705-565-2230 ext 235

[email protected]

Housing Development

Matachewan FN Administration Building

In 2003, Matachewan First Nation started construction of a new subdivision for the community which added ten new modern homes for the community.  The subdivision included the construction of a new two kilometer road on the northeastern end of the community.  The new development included the construction of a new water treatment plant which was completed in the spring of 2004.

The added development allowed for the construction of new homes but also for attracting service organization to setup their own offices in the community.  The new space and infrastructure has allowed Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services (NAPS) to base their offices in the community at the new subdivision and have Aboriginal officers based in the community.

Matachewan First Nation also provides support and assistance to community members concerning on-reserve housing issues.

Community members interested in First Nation Housing, should contact the First Nation administration office for more information.

Public Works

The Public Works department of Matachewan First Nation handles regular servicing of public buildings, service management of local infrastructure and utilities and regular road repair and maintenance.

Community members who have any questions regarding the Public Works Department are asked to contact the Band Manager at the First Nation Main Administration Office.