2019 Chief and Council Minutes

Chief and Council Meeting Minutes March 25, 2019

Alamos Job postings – April 26, 2019

Alamos Posting 2019-41 Dev Boomtruck

Alamos Posting 2019-42 Development Scoop

Alamos Posting 2019-43 Development Supervisor

William Day Construction Ltd – Job Posting

Day Crusher-Operator April_19

Day AZ Truck Driver April_19

Day Field Supervisor April_19

Day Mechanic April_19

MFN LP Job Posting

Casual Janitor Job Posting-April 2019 (1)

Alamos Job Posting – April 18 – 2019

Posting 2019-39 Security Guard

Posting 2019-40 Surface Supervisor


Self Esteem Poster

Self Esteem poster

Elders Advisory Committee Meeting – April 15

Please download and read the following attachment to read the details on an upcoming Elders Advisory Committee Meeting to be held in the community on April 15.


Alamos Gold Job Postings April 10 – 2019

Posting 2019-33 Prod RockBreaker

Posting 2019-34 Production Miner Nipper

Posting 2019-35 Remote Scoop Operator

Posting 2019-36 Prod Service Miner

Posting 2019-37 Production Miners Boom Truck

Posting 2019-38 Truck Operator