Job Postings

First Nation members looking for employment opportunities with Matachewan First Nation or any of the associated resource development partners the community has established can find the most recent jobs posting on this page.  This page will be regularly updated with the latest information as it becomes available.

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If you require more information on these job postings or need to speak to a staff member, you can contact the First Nation administration office at:


Alamos Job Postings

Posting 2021-28 Mine Engineer

Posting 2021-32 Warehouse Labourer

Posting 2021-33 Construction Miner

Posting 2021-34 Core Technican – contract

Posting 2021-37 Construction Miner -Transmixer

Posting 2021-38 Ground Control Specialist

Posting 2021-39 Development Scissordeck

Posting 2021-40 Development Rockbreaker

Operator Posting 2021-41 Development Miner -Boomtruck


Agnico Eagle Job Posting – Exploration Geologist

Exploration geologist – Ontario – Agnico Eagle – May 2021

Back up Medical Driver

Backup Med Van Driver

Alamos Job Postings

Posting 2021-23 Sr Core Technician

Posting 2021-24 Geological Technician or Junior Geologist

Posting 2021-25 Mill Operator and Labourer

Posting 2021-26 Construction Miner – Fabricator

Posting 2021-27 Development Service Miner

Posting 2021-29 Surface electrician

Posting 2021-30 Production Miner Cable Bolter

Posting 2021-31 Production Miner – Buggy Drill[1]


MFNLP Boart Driller Posting

MFNLP Boart Driller Posting -Final – 2 -2021

KL Gold Job Postings

2021-063 Health and Safety Administrator

2021-064 Mobile Maintenance Shutdown Coordinator

2021-065 Carpenter

2021-066 Mine Superintendent KLG

2021-070 Contracts Administrator

2021-071 Environmental Superintendent

2021 -073 – Electrical Planner

2021-074 – Trades 1 Electrician

2021 -075 – Underground Health & Safety Coordintor

Alamos Job Posting

Posting 2021-13 Production Grader Operator

Posting 2021-14 Production Truck Operator

Posting 2021-15 Production Miner -Boomtruck

Posting 2021-17 Human Resources Superintendent

Posting 2021-18 Production Miner – Blasting Leader

Posting 2021-19 HR Clerk Alamos

Posting 2021-20 YD Exploration Geologist

Posting 2021-21 YD ProjectGeologist

Posting 2021-22 Core Technican – contract



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MFN LP and Boart Longyear Posting

MFNLP Boart Driller Posting -Final – 2 -2021

MFN LP and Boart Longyear Posting

MFNLP Boart Driller Posting -Final – 2 -2021

Ontario Summer Student Jobs

Summer Student 2021