Alamos Job Postings

Posting 2021-23 Sr Core Technician

Posting 2021-24 Geological Technician or Junior Geologist

Posting 2021-25 Mill Operator and Labourer

Posting 2021-26 Construction Miner – Fabricator

Posting 2021-27 Development Service Miner

Posting 2021-29 Surface electrician

Posting 2021-30 Production Miner Cable Bolter

Posting 2021-31 Production Miner – Buggy Drill[1]


Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Coverage

Here are some of the details and information members need to learn about and access Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Coverage

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NIHB Drug Benefit List Information

The Drug Benefit List (DBL) is a listing of the drugs provided as benefits by the NIHB Program.

Wabun Health Services Information

Here are the contact details and information needed to access Wabun Health Services.

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MFN Seeking Volunteer Fire Persons

Volunteer Firefighters Flyer

MFNLP Boart Driller Posting

MFNLP Boart Driller Posting -Final – 2 -2021

Indigenous Artist Call

Indigenous Artist Call for Proposals