Training And Employment

Matachewan First Nation leadership and the Education Department staff also works closely with training initiatives to provide opportunities in education and job experience that can lead to employment for First Nation members. The First Nation has also taking advantage of developing training opportunities through agreements that have been established with resource development companies working in partnership with the community.

The signing of several agreements between the community, other Wabun Tribal Council First Nations and resource development companies started the process of creating training opportunities for Matachewan First Nation members through the creation of the Matachewan Aboriginal Access to mining jobs Training Strategy (MAATS).  This training program was established through the cooperative efforts of the Federal and Provincial Governments, Northgate Minerals Corp and Wabun First Nations.

Training Initiative

Matachewan First Nation is continually looking for ways to provide training and employment opportunities for its members.

The First Nation manages training initiatives to help community members take part in training and educational opportunities that will help them achieve their employment goals.

Please contact the Matachewan FN Administration office for more assistance.

Matachewan Aboriginal Access to Mining Jobs Training Strategy (MAATS)

Matachewan Aboriginal Access to mining jobs Training Strategy (MAATS) provided innovative employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal peoples in rural/remote area, within the Wabun Tribal Council area.

NOTICE: The MAATS training program finished on March 31, 2012. 

MAATS Graduation Melissa Gilbert First Female Miner

MAATS graduate Melissa Gilbert (centre) was the first female underground miner at Young Davidson mine.

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