Message from Lands & Resources

Hi all band members

Due to Covid 19 rules set by the government, I thought this may be a good way to reach band members regarding the new forest management Plan that is currently in process for the next 10-year plan.

here is a link to the Draft Plan that is under review for the Timiskaming forest 2021-2031 Forest management Plan

Please send me any comments or concerns you may have as soon as possible so that I can set up a meeting with the plan author and MNRF to discuss any of your concerns.

Once on this page, scroll down and you’ll see Draft FMP and Draft FMP Summary.  You can expand each to see the different products available for download (maps, text etc).

Click on Draft FMP and open the Index Map

You can Preview or download the maps

The Index map will give you a map number of the area you want to look at closer

Click on the map that you wish to have a closer look and if you need any further help you can call or email me at

Cathy Yandeau

[email protected]

705-565-2230 ext. 234