Indian Registration

The Indian Registration department of Matachewan First Nation manages and maintains an up to date list of First Nation membership.  The First Nation administration office is also available to assist community members with any questions or concerns they may have concerning Indian Status, as well as provide up to the date information issues related to Indian Status.

Community members who have any questions or concerns regarding Indian Registration can contact the Matachewan First Nation administration office.

Bill C-3, Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act

In April 2009, a court decision questioned gender equity in the Indian Registration Act.

As noted through the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AADNC) website:

“…In April 2009 the Court of Appeal for British Columbia rule in the case of McIvor v. Canada that the Indian Act discriminates between men and women with respect to registration as an Indian and violates the equality provision in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In ruling, the Court gave Parliament one year to amend the provisions of the Indian Act that were found to be unconstitutional. In order to comply with the Court of Appeal’s decision, the Government of Canada is moving forward with legislative amendments to certain registration provision of the Indian Act…”

For the most up to date information regarding Bill C-3, Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act, please refer to the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) website by clicking on the following link.

For more information on this issue please consult the INAC website:

Or call Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (toll free) 1-800-567-9604