Family Support

Matachewan First Nation works with regional Aboriginal social services organizations to provide appropriate family support services for its community members.  The community works with Kunuwanimano Child & Family Services to provide Aboriginal oriented services for its community members.

The Family Support Worker, provided by Kunuwanimano Child & Family Services, is based at the Matachewan First Nation administration office.  The worker provides individual services and conducts in-take and assessment to direct clients to the proper services and programs to meet their needs.  They also develop a plan of action to organize partnerships with clients and other service providers.  In referrals to appropriate service providers, they also advocate for clients on their behalf, provides counseling and gathers data for statistical purposes. In addition, they also attend work related training sessions, workshops and meetings to add to work experience, education and skills in order to provide the most relevant and up to date service information and assistance for clients.

According to the Kunuwanimano Child & Family Services website:

Kunuwanimano has a mandate to deliver child welfare services to 11 First Nation communities in northeastern Ontario. This mandate comes from both the Chiefs of the 11 First Nations and the Province of Ontario under the Child and Family Services Act.

The agency was developed in a manner that recognizes the unique culture and values of the First Nations, sensitive to the unique needs of our children, youth, families and communities, building on the strengths of First Nations culture, traditions and child rearing practices.

If anyone would like to contact the Family Support Worker, they may contact:

705-565-2230, ext 231

Family Supports at:

For more information on Kunuwanimano Child & Family Services visit their website at: