WTC Language and Culture Camp 2020

1. Poster WTC Language and Culture Camp 2020

Alamos Job Posting – Miner Bolting (Scissor Deck Bolter)

Alamos Job Posting Miner Bolting

KL Gold Job Posting

Internal Posting-Mine Captain-Holt-Jan 27, 2020

Choose Life Recreation/Cultural Coordinator Interim

Choose Life Project Recreation Cultural Coordinator

Alamos Gold Inc – Job Postings

Alamos Gold Inc – Job Posting Engineer in Training

Alamos Gold Inc – JobPosting Warehouse Labourer


KL Gold Job Postings

Internal Posting – Health Safety Training Clerk-Taylor-January 2020

Internal Posting-Mine Supervisor (Production Development)-Holloway- January 14 2020

KL Gold List Jan 15


Community Meeting Scheduled

There will be a Community Meeting on

Saturday, January 18th, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.


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Alamos Job Posting

Alamos Job posting Dev. Miner (Boom Truck)